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 Want to join STFU

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PostSubject: Want to join STFU   Want to join STFU EmptySun Dec 12, 2010 9:27 pm

Ingame Char: GJthewisest
Class: Shadow Hunter
Level: 126

reason for joining?
i have been a member of the RedSkies guild from r2 till r6 i think. But there was a problem, RS is a non-pk guild! So i was kinda pissed with that, but still managed some Pk's here and there XD. I was thinking of leaving sooner, but the guildies were such nice people Smile So when i got r6 i decided to leave with a bang and search for another good guild. I made a Pk vid and posted it on the forums. ( that was so much fun) And here i am, selling myself. i want to join this guild, because:
1 PvP and Pk oriented, Which i think is great ( I love PKing and PvP, its so much just so much fun)
2 Lots of pro people
3 infamous :-)
4 Epic guild name and logo, seeing it instills fear in many people XD
5 Pk-party's FTW
6 Arnold Schwarzenegger's pic is on the forums! w00t

Well i hope you will invite me into your guild :-)
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Want to join STFU Empty
PostSubject: Re: Want to join STFU   Want to join STFU EmptySun Dec 12, 2010 10:53 pm

very nice application even if it wasnt needed Very Happy already invited u to guild, so welcome again Smile
saying it again, if the guild doesnt like u - ull be kicked with or without a warning, since i just invited u without a poll or anything

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Want to join STFU
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