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 HeavenlyDream - Hello STFU

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PostSubject: HeavenlyDream - Hello STFU   HeavenlyDream - Hello STFU EmptyThu Jun 13, 2013 11:14 pm

Ingame Name: HeavenlyDream
Level : 154
Class : Deadeye

Hi all, and sorry in advance if my english won't be that great.
My story:
I had a 164 Deadeye on Baphomet server, hacked three times.I used to be an acitve CS user, and i got restored twice.But the third time...well they said that i cannot be restored for some strange unknown reasons (screw it).
So i decided to move on Undine, and i am planning to rebuild a good DE.
Actually i am 154, and some infos about me are...
-i would love to be in  a friendly, active, helpful guild
-i would love to be usefull to my guildmates, cp\pk support them.
-i am friendly, i am active
I like to fast level and i actually am an active CS user.
I am up to any question you would like to shoot.

I have an alt that is 151(MB) but that  s just my tamer-slave and is guildless anyway.

I don't know many people on Undine, and i am just looking for mature people to share the fun and to be helpfull with.
I believe you are what i am looking for, and if you're looking for active players that will always be chatty and ready to help, well then i hope you are going to consider me.
I wish you all the best of luck for the ingame stuffs, and i ll be patiently waiting for a response.

Cheers to everyone.

p.s: im 23 yo,male and workin back and forth to make some cash for me and my gf (additional infos =P)

I forgot to mention that i actually don't know personally your members, and my YouTube channel is Migu Armigu - Channel.
Really following OMEGASUPREME and his videos....sorry if those infos were useless lol

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PostSubject: Re: HeavenlyDream - Hello STFU   HeavenlyDream - Hello STFU EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 11:54 am

Heya! Sorry for this late reply, but as I told you ingame, this forum is pretty much dead since a couple years Laughing 
Going to close this topic since you've already found a guild.
Blek afro 

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HeavenlyDream - Hello STFU
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