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PostSubject: Recruitment   Recruitment EmptyTue May 18, 2010 12:51 pm

Recruitment closed!

Infos about STFU:

STFU is a PvP / PK Guild and we are known for our PKing tours and PK wars on Horizon north Field (aka. Hori bridge), our PK tours used to be mostly in Marduka and now most of the time in Dungeons.
We are an International Guild, so we try to speak as much english in guild chat as we can.

If you are in our Guild, and need help with someone that PKs we will be behind your back and help as much as possible. Also, if you need help with quests or anything else, just like most of the Guilds we will try to help if we are able to and not busy.

the Guild Founders are: BLOOOOOOOOOOOOO (yes, 13 O's Wink), Paase, steroidy and me (BlackForce).

For any other Informations, just ask one of the above listed guild leaders.

Oh, by the way - if you want to see us in action click here Wink

BlackForce afro

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